Picked up my gorgeous Lyric today from Marci Gouveia. I am in awe over how perfect in structure and personality this girl is. LOVE her. Thank Marci, it was so nice visiting with you today. I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am.

Jeannette in Usa 

So- I happened to bring something special back from Niagara Falls with me. I found her at the end of the 🌈. She is spunky and sweet, her pedigree and structure are absolutely divine. A huge thank you to Marci for our stunning new addition- NorthenBullies Dark Side of the Moon, aka Raven. ❤️🇨🇦🍾

Dannine is Usa ( second French bulldog from us )

French bulldog breeder Northenbullyes french bulldogs

Hi Marci,

Well, he has a name...Earl (it was Marc's grandfather's name, so puppy's full name is Earl LaPerle, I giggle every time I say it :) 

Earl's an absolute darling!!! He's so healthy, happy and my goodness he's sooooooo affectionate (he's a cuddle monster!!) we'rs completely in love with him.

Training is going very well, he knew his name by the second day, and he almost knows 'sit', ...he's so smart, and yes I'm starting to understand the 'bulldog' personality he's soooooo funny, very strong for 4 pounds, and he's full of beans. 

We're so happy we found you Marci, it's obvious that you gave him lots of love because he's so well adjusted. Thank you, thank you xoxoxo  We hope everything went well with your car, and that you had a good week.  We'll send pictures soon.

Tracy, Marc & Earl

PS I wanted to thank you again for the early pick up, we had a special day with family yesterday and I'm so very grateful for that

Owned now by Penny and her husband both vet tech's 2014

French bulldog breeder Northenbullyes french bulldogs

She is so sweet and confident .Thank you Marci

 Beautiful red fawn lives in Canada with kim ,their second puppy from us .

French bulldog breeder Northenbullyes french bulldogs

I wanted to thank you personally for such an amazing puppy!! She has been a perfect addition to our family and we adore her so much already in the short period of time we've had her!!! Thank you so much!

The Contois Family

Nothing like the excitement of going today to pick up a dream come true puppy!!! I cannot wait to see him. 4 months of waiting and today I can cuddle him and give him lots of kisses!! Thanks again Marci Gouveia you are amazing to work with.  Blue and tan male  sold to Nicole in Florida  FEB 2015

So happy with our new baby, he is amazing in every way. Can't thank you enough Marci for let me owner this special boy! "StarSeed" aka Simba Welcome home   FEB 2015


He is a dream come true.Him and Arlo play lots and get tuckered out


we have always wanted a french bulldog,we live in vancouver and our experience was just great,the puppy came so clean with nails trimed,our vet examined the puppy and got a clean bill of health,thank you very much.

Marcela,I tell you in all sincerity and you know I experienced and treasure  and enjoy many of my own dogs from some of the finest bllodlines ...OK ...so  now I will tell you : BELLA is a TRUE TREASURE ! Not only in her personality and disposition now one of my favorites,but she is a true beauty .My show friend came for a visit today ,saw her ,and said "now THAT'S  a show dog! " Kerry.                                                                                         

MARCELA!!!OMG !I am in love with her!She is so stinkin` cute and petite!Thanks for this smooth transaction.I am beyond happy with her!                                               

Hi Marcela,

We just wanted you to know that everything went smoothly and we have
Rocky! We are in LOVE!!! He is just stunning and has the sweetest
personality! We couldn't be happier! Thank you for making it such a
pleasant experience - you were wonderful to work with and we know where
to look when we need additional lines in the future. We will keep you
updated with pictures and Rocky's progress .

Thanks so much again Marcela!

Lacey, Donna and Rocky (: